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B29. Ignorant Trump and His Ignorant Followers
Who Hate Competent Experts as Elites

By Paul Krugman (2013) 

B28. Eric J. Hobsbawm’s Social Bandit: A Critique and Revision [from the Perspectives of Elitelore and Folklore]
By Richard W. Slatta (2004) 

B27. Lost in Meritocracy: How I Traded an Education for a Ticket to the Ruling Class
By Walter Kirn (2005)

B26. History as Lore of the Elite
By University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2006)

B25. Mugabe: a tyrant from the start Those who say Zimbabwe's President was Once a Hero are Fooling Themselves
By James Kirchick (2007)

B24. The Creation of Historical Time in Greece and Rome: [ Transitions from Myth into History]
By Denis Feeney (2008)

B23. Elitelore Cartoons Commemorating Steve Jobs and His Impact on the World
By Carlos Serrate Reich (Mon, 10/17/11)

B22. Elitelore of New U.S. College "Feminists"
By Lisa Belkin (2011)

B21. "Elitelore Seen Around the World"

B20. Elitelore of Mexican Presidential Campaign 10, 2012

B19. Elitelore of Mexican Presidential Campaign 11, 2012

B18. Chinese Heroism Effort Is Met With Cynicism
By Andews Jacobs, New York Times, March 5, 2012

B17. Global Hyperconnectivity -The next big thing is already here
By Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, January 29, 2013

B16. Einstein's huge brain a wonder of well-exercised connectedness
By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times, October 12, 2013

B15. Writing Bytes
NEW YORK TIMES Book Review, Special Issue: [Technology & 3 Meanings] Sunday, November 3, 2013

B14. Inmovilizar
Por Gabriel Zaid

25 de Mayo de 2014

B13. Atlas of Prejudice Divides Europe in 20 Different Ways
Review by Gabriel Aubry

March 31, 2014

B12. Empatía como problema político
Agenda Ciudadana Por Lorenzo Meyer

31 de Julio 2014

B11. Why Conservatives Hate Liberals and Vice Versa
By David Sherman and Leaf Van Boven

24 de Septiembre 2014

B10. The Elitelore of Turkey's Palace Intrigue
By Glen Johnson and Patrick J. McDonnell

29 de Septiembre 2014

B9. La renuncia de Cárdenas y la reforma de Peña
Por Samuel Schmidt

2 de Diciembre 2014

B8. Aclaración de Angélica Rivera Hurtado [La Gaviota", famosa actriz de Televisa] sobre su compra de una polémica Mansión
Por La Opinión

3 de Diciembre 2014

B7. Soros' Eliteloric Buy of Biotech Stock Drives up Value by 108%
Por Wall street sectors elector investment articles

6 de Mayo 2015

B6. Como péndulo, aumenta la frustración popular con la izquierda en Latinoamérica de esta época.
Por Joshua Goodman

18 de Mayo 2015

B5. CIA Elitelore prohibited Guantanamo detainees and their lawyers from publicly describing interrogation sessions, deeming detainee's memories of the experience to be classified
By David Rohde, Reuters

June 2, 2015

B4. Russia in Full 'Crisis' to Kudrin Forecasting Longer Recession
By Anna Andrianova (Bloomberg)

June 3, 2015

B3. GMO food labels are meaningless [except in Modern Folklore led by anti-science Elitelore] In reality, there is no clear-cut category of GMO food.
By Henry I. Miller

April 12, 2016

B2. Dimensions of Elitelore: An Oral History Questionnaire (1975)
By James W. Wilkie and Edna Monzón

B1. The Scope of Elitelore (Elitelore at Fortyfive) Introduction
By James W. Wilkie

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